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"The Deterioration Of Every Government Begins With the Decay of the ‘Principles’ On Which It Was Founded."
Baron Charles Louis de Secondat  Montesquieu

(1689-1755)  The Spirit of the Laws, VIII, 1752

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We Are Proud To Present Series

Audio Visual

In addition to writing and publishing “Republic Or Democracy, Is There A Difference?”

a 700 page Patriot’s Handbook and other related material we are putting out an audio visual series “We Are Proud To Present” which features people and events that have impacted our

great Republic.

“Ronald Reagan 40th American


President Prophetic speech 50 Years ago on 


Socialism, Socialized Medicine and the end results"

This Should Be Shown To All Americans

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We Are Proud To Present


"Make Mine Freedom"

Make Mine Freedom" CLICK HERE:


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We are proud to present Actor and Patriot Red Skelton

Reciting and Explaining the Pledge of Allegiance 1969

This should be shown to all American Families



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